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flea market shabby to chic home furnishings and collectibles
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uniquely desined for your one of a kind home
the olivers twist shop is located on the coast of Maine, where unique beauty, color and style compliment both life and homes.  olivers twist is about recreating "finds" or, as the Oliver Twist story portrays "pick-pocket steals" into one of a kind creations for your home. we are about color, style, tradition, swag, design and incredible finds that are essentials to the furnishings and collectibles for your home. olivers twist takes 'worn and shabby' to a place that is inspired by one's dream - your dream for your home - in other words, uniquely designed for your one of a kind home. 
olivers twist offers creative elements that are 100% unique and 100% hand crafted, where we take the 'pick pocket' theory from flea markets and turn those finds into a valueable, one of a kind piece that is meant only for you.  our products are hand crafted where we choose only the best 'picks', and design the piece where there will be no other - we hand paint, and we hand finish.  olivers twist offers a selection of furnishings, decor, collectibles, art and kitchen ware that will bring swaggy chic, elegance and style to your home.  our belief is unique quality with giving you the 'pick-pocket steal' of the best in offering a gallery of elements that will compliment any room of your home.
olivers twist also offers commissioned pieces.   is there a particular design, color or style that you are looking for? we can search for that one unique piece and deliver it in a way that satisfies your vision and home decor.  remember that we are "oliviers twist" ... we believe in taking what is unique, and what is a "pick-pocket steal", then turning it into your one of a kind style for your one of a kind home. 
contact us us at your convenience to chat with us about your vision, your unique design and how we can make that happen ... tell us how olivers twist can bring you your vision for your one of a kind home. shop with us at your convenience online at www.olivers-twist.com or email us at oliverstwistfurnishings@yahoo.com.  we would enjoy hearing from you!
our sincere thoughts to you, from the team at olivers twist

flea market shabby to chic home furnishings and collectibles
uniquely designed for your one of a kind home

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